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Our Vision

Our Vision as an Academy

We believe that each pupil will DISCOVER new learning opportunities and experiences at Knowle DGE. Together, with your support, we will GUIDE each pupil towards these learning opportunities and in doing this will are confident that each pupil will ENJOY their learning experiences at Knowle DGE.

In order to succeed, we aim to encourage every individual at our Academy to develop BELIEF in themselves to aim higher, to RESPECT themselves, others and their environment and take RESPONSIBILITY for their decisions and actions. 

We recognise that we are ALL EQUAL and deserve the very best.  We recognise that we are ALL DIFFERENT in the ways we learn and interact.  We recognise that we can ALL ACHIEVE TOGETHER – as an Academy, as a pupil within the community and as a parent / carer. 

 “All Equal, All Different, All Achieving Together”

Our core values, Belief, Respect and Responsibilities

  • We believe we can all achieve.
  • We believe we that by making small steps we will make a giant leap towards success.
  • We are responsible to take part and learn.
  • We are responsible to attend on time.
  • We are responsible for our actions.
  • We are responsible to keep ourselves and the environment safe and clean.
  • We respect each other by the way we communicate.
  • We respect that everybody is an individual and respect their personal space.
  • We respect the learning environment and know that we are here to learn.