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The Lodge has twelve bedrooms, 6 of which are en-suite with separate accommodation for staff who sleep in to supervise the young people alongside a waking night member of staff. Full catering facilities are available in a well-equipped kitchen which not only provides fresh home-cooking but also gives guests an opportunity to learn vital life skills. Pupils can cook for themselves and also help prepare the meals for others in the group.

At the Lodge we support all our guests in pursuing a fit and active lifestyle; with this in mind we make good use of the sporting facilities in the Learning Centre and surrounding local area. We ensure that all pupils can take part in activities both on and off site that they have chosen to do themselves. Staff at the Lodge include the young people in choosing age appropriate activities. They include; air hop, bowling, cinema, outings to the park and surrounding woodlands, go karting, off site gaming facilities and much more.

Staff at the lodge will always encourage our pupils to complete homework set by the Academy utilising our IT room when needed. We also encourage our pupils to learn essential life skills such as; cooking, laundering clothes, self-care, making beds, shopping, budgeting and most importantly being around and making friends.

For social times, the Lodge keeps a large stock of up-to-date board games, toys, electronic games and DVDs for our young guests to enjoy. The lounge provides the setting for quiet social interaction leading towards bedtimes. The dining/living room area also house our popular pool table which is a firm favourite with guests and staff alike.

All pupils at the Academy can access the Lodge. It is not a requirement for pupils to sleep at the Lodge, and we actively encourage our pupils to come for 1 or 2 evenings until they are ready to stay overnight.


LOUNGE                                                          POOL TABLE                                                           BEDROOM