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Guidance hub is the department for students with social, emotional, mental health difficulties(SEMH).

Guidance hub has 4 learning bases with key stage 2 and key stage 3 students. Students are taught in classes of 8 supported by a teacher and learning facilitator. All learning bases work on the Primary model whereby the same teacher delivers the Majority of subjects within the learning base, this is beneficial as students find transition and change of adult difficult.

As well as academic subjects the focus is on developing interaction and social skills to support learning and life. Students have access to group or 1:1 mentoring sessions, nurture support and 1:1 English & Maths which are allocated by assessment of need. Students have access to Nurture based learning which supports emotional wellbeing and positive social interactions.

Guidance hub has its own sensory room, soft room, access to the large back play area and Astro pitch.

During the summer months we have outdoor camps which involve a range of pursuits such as canoeing, high ropes, biking, orienteering and many more. It is a great adventure full of fun and laugher which creates a good bond between student and adult, and that which make us the specialist learning centre we are.