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The Curriculum at Knowle DGE Academy supports our mission statement: all equal, all different, all achieving together by giving young people the opportunity to learn and develop in a supportive and creative environment in which there is a focus on recognising achievement and supporting progression in an environment where pupils feel safe and are happy.

At Knowle DGE Academy we aim to give every young person the opportunity to achieve their full potential by providing them with a broad and balanced curriculum. We recognise that many of our learners require the curriculum to be differentiated by not only content but also in delivery and therefore the curriculum is individualised, creative, innovative and flexible allowing for the needs of each pupil to be met. It aims to promote the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of the pupils as well as their intellectual and physical development.

In September 2018 Knowle DGE introduced the Ways of Wellbeing (WoW) curriculum. The Five Ways to Wellbeing are a set of evidence-based actions which promote people’s wellbeing. They were developed by the New Economics Foundation and based on the findings of the 2008 Government Office for Science Foresight report on Mental Capital and Wellbeing that aimed to develop a long term vision for maximising wellbeing in the UK. This has been used to develop Knowle DGE’s Ways of Wellbeing (WoW) Curriculum.


The Primary curriculum at Knowle DGE follows an adapted national curriculum, with flexibility dependent on young people’s needs. The Primary curriculum is 'theme based' in its approach, which means that lessons revolve around a central topic and a key text. This helps solidify learning for the young people and gives purpose to their learning. Where appropriate for academic and social and emotional development some of our Key Stage 3 pupils follow a primary style curriculum.


Our secondary aged young people have the opportunity to take part in Functional Skills, GCSE's and BTEC Vocational accredited courses. This is blended with opportunities for pupils to develop functional skills, independence skills and skills for working life as appropriate in line with the 14-19 Curriculum.

The timetable and Curriculum are reviewed annually to ensure compliance with current legislation and guidance and taking into account best practice within special needs education.

We endeavour to provide opportunities for pupils who are identified as having a gift or talent to develop their skills and abilities in that area.

Alongside academic learning we have an emphasis on Social and Emotional wellbeing and development of our learners. We also encourage young people to access the wider school life, which includes extra-curricular activities, learning outside the academy day and residential and day trip enrichment opportunities.

Please see the curriculum policy for information about the content about subjects covered at each Key Stage.